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OFFICE HOURS 9am-6pm / Mon-Fri
OFFICE HOURS 9am-6pm / Mon-Fri
OFFICE HOURS 9am-6pm / Mon-Fri
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
MON-SUN ( 9am-11pm )     +60 11-1075 4434 Hotline
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Car Chauffeur/Car With Professional Driver

Part of the Car Rental service we provide for Kuala Lumpur (KL) is our Chauffeur service. Prices will be based on your destination and will be charged on a daily basis. These prices are not inclusive of the car rental pricing and are subject to change based on any additional add-on’s to your rental from sewa kereta kl and chauffeur service kuala lumpur.

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What We Offer?

We also are provide Car With Professional Driver ( Private Driver) for your better drive & journey for short and long term contract & chauffeur service Kuala Lumpur.

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What is the driver of a car called?


A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine from Kereta Sewa Kl Murah.

Private City Tour


Anggun Car offers City Tour with unique & best sight-seeing KL City. Choose Anggun Lufya Travel & Tours if you want to see the capital city of Malaysia like a local. All our Kuala Lumpur city tours are exclusively designed to ensure that all the needs of our guests are taken care of right from their arrival at the airport till their take off back home with loads of cherished memories. From airport transfers, to cultural, countryside, and major attractions; we give you the best of Kuala Lumpur without compromising on your luxury at all with sewa kereta kl & chauffeur service kuala lumpur.

Why Rent With Us

Vehicle Selections

We offer a wide range of vehicle class for you to choose from!

Trouble Free

Avoid all the trouble of purchasing your own Vehicle.

Budget Vehicles

We offer vehicles priced from Budget to Luxury Car Rental.

Worry Free Future Value

There's no need to worry about the future value of the vehicle, just return the vehicle at the end of the lease to sewa kereta kl.

Flexible Leasing

Lease ending soon? Why not lease a different vehicle next time around? Enjoy the flexibility to change vehicles after every leasing term/contract, never have to stick to just one vehicle again with chauffeur service kuala lumpur.

Vehicles We Provide For Chauffeur

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*Car With Driver Only ( 4 Pax )

Price as low as:


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*Car With Driver ( 9 Pax )

Price as low as:


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*Car With Driver Only ( 6 Pax )

Price as low as:


Our Clients

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